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Body butter is a deeply hydrating skin moisturizer that typically contains shea butter, coconut oil and/or other vegetable-based oils and butters. ... Body butters are also known to be more effective at nourishing and rejuvenating dry skin, whether used all over or only on problem patches, such as elbows and knees.


         Skin Creams


Natural Hair Care Products


Body Butter Flavors:



Peaches N Creme

Chocolate Paradise

All Body Butters are $7.00 and come in a 7 oz jar. All natural ingredients including Shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin e oil, and essential oils. Please let me know if you are allergic to sweet almond oil and i will leave that oil out of your order. You can also substitute avocado oil. I also use some Mica natural powder for the color. 

Body Wash Flavors:

Coconut & Honey

Lavender & Vanilla

Shea Butter

All Body Washes are $4.00 and come in a 8 oz bottle. Ingredients include Vitamin E, Pure Castile soap, honey, coconut oil and essential oils. 

Types of Skin Cream:

Exzema Skin Cream  

(Also safe for babies) 6oz

Anti Aging Wrinkle Night Cream         4 oz


Lavendar Vanilla Lotion


Eczema cream is $5.00 and comes in a 6 oz container. Anti-Aging Wrinkle cream is $5.00 and comes in a 4 oz container. The Lavender Vanilla Lotion is $5.00 and comes in an 6 oz bottle. The eczema cream does contain powdered oats to stop the itching on the skin. If you are allergic to oats please let me know. You may also get it without the oats. These creams contain shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, Sweet almond oil  and various essential oils. The wrinkle cream also contains beeswax for skin tightning. 

Hair Products:

Black Soap Shampoo

Whipped Avocado, Honey,Face Mask

Whipped Avocado Hair Butter with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil 

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